Member Associations Survey Report

Build the foundations

Foundations of MAs

MAs are taking steps to lay down foundations for the continued growth of the women’s game, as reflected by the increased adoption of women’s football strategies, as well as the investment in human and other resources in women’s football.

On a confederation-by-confederation basis, the average budget for each MA is as follows:

  • AFC – USD 2.1m

  • CAF – USD 0.8m

  • Concacaf – USD 2.7m

  • CONMEBOL – USD 5.8m

  • OFC – USD 0.9m

  • UEFA – USD 4.8m

Average MA budget for women’s football by number of employees (USD in m)
  • <100 employees
  • ≥100 employees
  • 17%
  • 83%

of total spend on women's football by MA's in 2023

of MAs have a women's football strategy

of MAs have a safeguarding policy

of Female MA Executive Committee members

of MAs with a women's football committee

Club licensing

Club licensing is a system that uses principles-based criteria and sets minimum standards that clubs must satisfy in order to be licensed and, consequently, be able to participate in a given competition. It is a key element in promoting the professionalisation of football globally.

It was positive to see that over half (55%) of MAs with a women’s top-tier senior domestic competition have a club licensing system in place.

FIFA offers support via its Guide to Club Licensing in Women’s Football, as well as one of its women’s football development programmes, to help confederations and MAs establish and improve the respective systems in place around the world.

Safeguarding & Diversity and Inclusion

The accessibility to safeguarding officers plays a key role in ensuring the protection of players, staff and other stakeholders. It is imperative that all organisations work towards having adequate structures and policies in place related to safeguarding of relevant personnel in the women’s game.

MAs with a safeguarding officer in place (%)

Diversity across an organisation ensures a wide background of experiences and perspectives can be drawn upon. Representation at board level is important for several reasons, not least to improve diversity of thought, which inevitably leads to better decision-making.

Female MA Executive Committee members (%)