FIFA Women’s Development Programme

Coach Education Scholarships

Moving female coaches and/or players into the next phase

The Coach Education Scholarships programme is aligned with FIFA’s objective to increase the number of qualified female coaches working in the game. FIFA offers coach education scholarships to both talented female coaches and/or players moving into the next phase of their footballing career by providing further education at a venue of their choice.

Key Programme Aspects

With the implementation of this programme, FIFA aims to meet the following objectives:

More female coaches

Increase the number of qualified female coaches working in the game

Create and increase their opportunities

Create easier pathways for women’s football players to gain qualifications and increase their opportunities to obtain employment in coaching during or after their playing career

Educate & inspire

Educate and inspire female players and coaches to ensure long careers

Application Process
FIFA encourages its member associations to apply for programmes that fit their needs and that are in line with their own women’s football strategy.
Who can apply?

To be eligible for the Coach Education Scholarships, each successful applicant must be a female qualified coach - at least "B" licence holder and/or a national team coach in an active coaching role.

How to apply?

Submit a specific application form, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, motivation letter, recommendation letter from the association and a course acceptance which includes course fee, travel and accommodation costs

Receiving a FIFA Coach Education Scholarship genuinely changed my life. This opportunity afforded me the means to get an education that propelled my dreams of coaching to another level. I left this experience enriched.

Carmelina Moscato

Former Canadian national team player

FIFA Support

FIFA will help the member associations and the participants in different ways:

  • Online mentoring (career development guidance)

  • Networking opportunities

  • Course fee and travel/ accommodation, if applicable


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