As stated in its Statutes, one of FIFA’s core objectives is to promote the integrity of football. As such, FIFA has adopted an effective approach towards the fight against all forms of manipulation and/or the unlawful influencing of football matches or competitions.

The main principles of FIFA’s integrity initiative are the promotion of integrity and the protection of football matches and competitions. This means promoting integrity internally and to the public at all times, as well as protecting football matches and competitions against match manipulation as far as possible and under all circumstances.

Within the FIFA Legal and Compliance Division, FIFA has streamlined and optimised its internal structures by creating the FIFA Integrity Department (FIFA Integrity). FIFA Integrity is in charge of implementing FIFA’s integrity initiative, by establishing preventive measures to protect FIFA competitions, by conducting preliminary investigations in connection with match manipulation and integrity, by engaging with various partners in order to expand its integrity network, as well as by assisting the member associations and confederations to develop their own integrity initiatives.